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Carpark works on The Terrace

Conspar carried out structural repair work to a 34-storey office building on St Georges Terrace, which was showing signs of concrete damage.

On the 29th level of the building, hairline cracks (an initial sign of concrete cancer) were evident on the office's concrete floor.

Conspar director Byron Spartalis said part of the restoration work was having to determine if the cracks in the floor were going to continue.

"Following the structural engineer's specification, we did a pressure injection to determine if the cracks were static or live. If they're live, it means they're moving and that's a problem," Byron said.

While the results are being monitored, at the base of the building the concrete structural loading beam and column that help to support the building were also showing cracks.

Byron said the cracks were caused by water penetration from the floor above.

"They hadn’t detailed (sealed) around the area to prevent water from entering,” he said.

Repairs were carried out to the affected areas which involved pressure injection of the cracks and replacing spalling concrete after having treated the steel reinforcement.

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