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Cottesloe apartments get structural repair works

When it comes to property maintenance in Perth, property owners and property managers need to be aware of environmental or climatic conditions that can negatively impact a property. For example, if a building is located near the coast the high levels of salt and moisture in the air can over time cause significant surface and structural damage to it.

Over recent months, Conspar has been carrying out structural and surface building repairs to a block of residential apartments in Cottesloe situated very near to the sea.

The building required quite urgent attention as concrete damage was present in common areas of the property, posing a potential risk not only to the structural integrity of the building but also public health and safety.

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The first stage of the work involved treating the south elevation of the property. This included carrying out repairs to damaged concrete columns, beams, soffits and stairways. It also involved work on the north elevation of the property. The carport had showed signs of structural damage due to a water penetration problem and, therefore, waterproofing treatment was required.

The second stage of the work was to continue treatment to the south elevation, as well as the wall façade. Hairline cracks were present in the render of the wall, which had also become delineated. The damaged render was removed, the area prepared and new render put down.

In the weeks to come, Conspar will continue work to the south elevation, north elevation and begin treatment to the private balconies of the apartment block.

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