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Book An Office Visit


$50 + GST


45 minute, one-on-one meeting with our expert in our office.

Outcome Summary

Outcome 1: We will help you to understand the nature of your building issues or scope of project, and how we may assist in bringing cost and time savings to the overall process.


Outcome 2: We will review any photos or documentation you bring to provide a more tailored strategy for efficient procurement of the works.


Product: We will provide you with a hard-copy version of our Project Guides at no cost.




The following aspects will be discussed during the phone meeting:

  • Discuss the building issues you are intending to address, and methods by which priority items can be determined.

  • Gain an understanding of the various methods of planning and your project before you formalise a particular pathway.

  • Understand the overall project process best-suited to your situation, including any approval processes.

  • Outline some common mistakes that can lead to delays in quotations, construction and cost overruns.

Book An Office Visit

The Office Visit cost is $50 + GST and is paid by credit card at time of meeting. The Office Visit shown is for property owners - please contact us here if you are a Strata Manager or Building / Facilities Manager and would like to book an Office Visit.

Thanks for submitting we'll be in touch soon!

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