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Since 1969 our family company has provided comprehensive services leading to the successful implementation of enduring and effective solutions to persistent and complex building and waterproofing problems in Perth.

Specialising in building repairs since 1969 

We are proud of our enduring reputation for providing successful, long term solutions to complex building faults and defects, structural repairs and waterproofing repairs for Perth's building asset owners and managers.
Our success relies on being uniquely experienced and qualified to reveal and diagnose the true cause of complex building issues, and to use this information in specifying, overseeing and executing the most appropriate solutions from specialising in this work since 1969.

Only in this way can owners be certain that the work being carried out will justify their investment.

The testimonials of Conspar's long term clients prove that this individual approach to every project.

Our 'Step by Step' process:

Initial Site Meeting

Remediation Plan

Execute the Plan

Who do we assist?


We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to property owners and managers facing complex, long-standing building issues. Whether you are inside our outside the building industry, our expertise will alleviate the burden and mitigate risks for those attempting to assess and address these challenges.

Our valued client groups span various sectors, including :

  1. Private Property Owners

  2. Strata, Leasing and Property Management Companies

  3. Local Councils

  4. Retirement Care Operators

  5. Shopping Centre managers


When you partner with us, you can confidently entrust your building concerns to a team of experts dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Let us help you overcome obstacles and achieve lasting resolutions, while you focus on what matters most. 

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