Nedlands rising damp treatment works complete

Conspar structural building maintenance works to treat a long-standing damp problem at a residential property in Nedlands are now complete.

Conspar rising damp treatment works at this Nedlands property
Conspar rising damp treatment works at this Nedlands property

The works were to stop moisture from entering the building after mould and high-moisture levels were found in the basement and a bathroom of the property.

The adjacent external areas were excavated and treated which included rectifying building defects discovered such as a non-existent damp-proof course.

The works also revealed another surprise...

Bucket loads of insulation installed at the brickwall cavity during the construction phase of the building to prevent moisture build-up.

In addition to the structural works to treat the damp problems, a more adequate drainage system was installed for the area, which included a much-needed soakwell.

Conspar, established in 1969, and locally-owned and operated specialises in structural building repair and preventive maintenance for residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned buildings in Perth.

Conspar's team of experienced building maintenance technicians is led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter.

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