East Vic Park complex gets balcony, balustrade and staircase repairs to stop concrete cancer

Updated: May 27

Structural building repair specialists Conspar has completed works at this residential complex in East Vic Park to stop concrete cancer from spreading. The works involved treating the common access, exposed concrete balcony and staircases.

Showing evidence of failed previous attempts at treating concrete cancer at the site, areas of drumminess (hollow patches) were also found at the soffit of the balcony and staircases, as well as horizontal fractures and spalling at the balcony's leading edge, longitudinal fractures on the balcony walkway surface, soffit and stairway soffit, balustrade rusting, swelling and crazing (multiple fine cracks) of walkway and stairway surfaces and concentrated moisture attack.

The works involved treating all of the problem areas, which are associated with concrete cancer development that begins as a water penetration problem. Water penetrates the concrete usually through fine hairline cracks in the concrete and rusts the steel reinforcement within the concrete. As the steel rusts, it causes the surrounding concrete to crack further. Without addressing the rust, the process continues leading to spalling (when concrete starts to break off completely) and spreads throughout the building, compromising its safety and structural integrity.

As concrete cancer doesn't stop unless the rust has been treated and there is no room for water to penetrate through, an essential component of the works was to treat any rusted steel reinforcement in the concrete or balustrade fixings.

Another very important aspect of the works in helping to prevent concrete cancer from occurring again was installing Conspar's waterproof floor coatings to surfaces of the balcony and staircases. Not only are the coatings waterproof but they are also eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete, helping to provide an added protective layer. The coatings come with a 10-year warranty.

If your property or complex is showing signs of concrete damage, rust or other forms of moisture damage get in contact with Conspar today.

Conspar, locally-owned and operated and run by registered builders has been servicing the repair and maintenance needs of Perth buildings since 1969. All works are carried out to Australian Standards.

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