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Conspar for carpark maintenance

Like any area of a building that needs to be maintained over time so do carparks, particularly when it comes to high-rise office or apartment properties.

As concrete structures, carparks can be susceptible to problems such as concrete cancer - a moisture ingress problem which if not treated early, can result in a compromise of the building's overall structural integrity as it ends up weakening the building's structural supports.

In its late stages, the damage will result in the owner not only having a significant financial issue on their hands but also one that involves public safety implications, as well as the aspect of endangering nearby property.

Conspar, established in 1969 and led by a registered builder and registered architect, is Perth's go-to for structural building maintenance, including preventative maintenance, servicing the city's residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Some areas of Conspar specialisation include concrete cancer treatment, concrete floor repair, waterproofing, and custom-made protective floor coatings.

Contact Conspar today, for a qualified and experienced team you can trust.

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