Waterproof & Protective Coatings

Residential walkways, balconies and stairways and factory and warehouse floors need long-term protection 

Residential walkways, balconies and stairways are often exposed to high levels of traffic, abrasion and weathering which can facilitate concrete cancer development. 

Concrete floors of factories and warehouses can be subject to wear and tear from chemical abrasion (caused by chemical spills or long-term use of cleaning products) and mechanical abrasion (caused by regular heavy-wheeled traffic or forklifts) which can also lead to opportunities for concrete cancer to develop.

For all of these building areas, protection is needed to prevent considerable property damage like concrete cancer and costly repairs.

Conspar waterproof protective coatings provide robust long-term protection against building damage like concrete cancer

Conspar's waterproof protective coating system is specifically designed for concrete walkways, balconies, stairways and floors of factories and warehouses.

It upgrades and protects surfaces particularly deteriorated surfaces, seals fine hairline cracks and addresses the porous nature of aged concrete which could otherwise lead to concrete cancer development.

Conspar's waterproof protective coating system acts as a barrier to water ingress providing a waterproof, resilient, trafficable surface that is eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete. 

Reinforced with an impregnated layer of fibreglass matting, the system is also flexible, which is very important for allowing for thermal expansion and contraction of the concrete to avoid the concrete cracking and opportunities for water ingress.

Ten and 20 year warranty systems are available which meet all applicable standards and the coatings can be tinted in owner choice of colours. The system also only takes only 2 hours to dry between coats unlike alternative systems which propose basic surface coatings and application by hand leading to irregular finishes and wearing. 




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